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Ph: (Main) 954 681 3009
Ph: (Main) 954 681 3009
Ph: (Alt) 954 880 4047 or
310 218 3942


  • Inspections are done by appointment only and on particular days weekly.

  • Once you decide that you wish to book an inspection (PSI), simply go to the ORDER section on this website.

  • A calendar will open. Click on the day that you want to have your vehicle inspected and select the desired time.

  • Click Next. Complete all vehicle details and your details and submit.

  • An representative will contact you (by email) to confirm your reservation request.

  • Bring or deliver your vehicle to the inspection facility.

  • You can either wait for the inspection to be completed or have the vehicle collected after the inspection.

  • If your vehicle passes inspection, you will be issued a PSI certificate following the inspection.

  • The PSI certificate is good for 30 days from the day of inspection where after that duration, the vehicle must be exported or the certificate will expire.