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PSI – Q & A’s

Q. Is it mandatory to have an inspection (PSI) completed?

   A. For imports to Jamaica it is now mandatory to have a PSI. This must be done to obtain an import permit. You cannot import your vehicle without an import permit, & you cannot get an import permit without a PSI certificate.

Q. Why do I need a Pre-shipping inspection?

   A. Inspections help identify safer vehicles. They also identify odometer accuracy eliminating vehicles with fraudulent mileage being offered in the marketplace affecting overall industry pricing. In short a true and accurate description of a vehicle is a valuable asset that helps public safety as a priority, fair industry trade practices, and owner's financial security.

Q. What is a Sanitization or Quarantine Inspetion?

   A. These inspections help protect local trade and industry. Checking a vehicle for plants, vegetation, insects, bugs or other pests that are not indigenous to Jamaica can help avoid comtaminating the farming industry. refer to the Trade Board Website for more information on the need for a Sanitization/Quarantine inspection.

Q. Can a vehicle with a SALVAGE title be inspected?

    A. Yes. A Salvage title is now eligible for import to Jamaica and so can be inspected.

Q. Can a vehicle with a CD (Certificate of Destruction) title be inspected?

    A. Yes. A CD title is now eligible for import to Jamaica and so can be inspected.

Q. Can a vehicle with a REBUILT title be inspected?

    A. Yes. A rebuilt title is eligible for import to Jamaica and so can be inspected.

Q. If there is an odometer discrepancy statement on the title where the mileage can't be confirmed & the mileage listed is NOT the actual mileage, will this be a problem?

    A. Yes, unfortunately these vehicles will fail an inspection as the ACTUAL mileage can't be verified. If the vehicle is subject to an odometer recall by the manufacturer and a new odometer installed by the manufacturer with mileage starting where the previous one finished then under this circumstance the vehicle is eligible for inspection and import to Jamaica.

Q. What type of vehicles need inspected?

    A. Any vehicle that is destined for use on public roads is subject to having a pre-shipping inspection. This includes heavy trucks and equipemnt that will be "registered" for use on public roads.

Q. How much does the PSI cost?

    A. The PSI for imports to Jamaica is $160 USD for the initial inspection. For vehicles that fail the initial inspection and need reinspected, there is no charge for a reinspection if it is completed within 14 days. If after 14 days but within 30 days the reinspection cost is $80 USD. If the reinspection is done after 30 days, the inspection costs is $160. If a vehicle requires a reinspection more than 1 time (meaning a 3rd vist), the inspection cost is $160 just like the initial inspection cost. Sanitization/Quarantine inspection is in addition to the base PSIinspection price.Refer to the pricing page for the most up to date costs and fees. 

Q. How do I pay for my inspection?

A. All inspections are prepaid. Upon reserving the inspection online, you will be asked to pay for the inspection. You can pay with a credit card at the time of booking. Booking through our website www.jamaicapsi.com will direct you to Paypal where you can pay with a credit card. If you do not have a credit card you can pay with cash at the time of the inspection however we do not accept personal or company check.

Q. Can I just turn up to get an inspection done immediately?

    A. No. Inspections are by appointment only. You must make an appointment to have an inspection completed.

Q. How do I book an inspection?

A. You can go to our website: jamaicapsi.com and "order" through the home page on the website. You can select the date and time you wish to have your inspection completed and make your reservation online. You can also prepay for the inspection at the time of booking.

Q. Where are the inspections centers?

    A. Currently the inspection centers are located in:

Ft. Lauderdale FL

New York NY

Elizabeth NJ


Huston TX 

The California facility is underway and will be open soon. Contact us for details.

Q. How do I get my vehicle to the inspection facility?

    A. You can transport your vehicle to the inspection facility or you can bring it personally. If you transport it remember that for delayed collection there may be storage charges that incur.

Q. What documentation to do I need to supply?

A. We will need the following documents before the vheicle arrives at our facility:

    A Original Title(Nortalized copy of the title is acceptable)


A copy of the registered owners identification OR the ID of the person lawfully representing the owner or company must submit their ID.

(This is obtained to ensure that the person handling the vehicle is lawfully allowed to do so on the company's/owners behalf and has legal right to present the vehicle for inspection prior to export).  

Q. After my vehicle passes the PSI inspection, what is the next step?

    A. If your vehicle passes the inspection, you will be issued with a PSI certificate & an approved sticker affixed to the vehicle's whindshield acknowledging confirmation for import approval following the inspection. Then you can apply for your import permit with the confirmation of the inspection certificate and proceed to have your vehicle shipped with the carrier of your choice. Remember the certificate is only good for 30 days! efore 30 days is up, you must export the vehicle or have it reinspected after the 30 days period.

Q. What happens if my car fails the inspection?

    A. If your vehicle fails an inspection, we will advise you what the vehicle failed on. You can then have the areas of failure repaired and bring the vehicle back to the inspection facility for a reinspection. Remember to bring it back within 14 days other wise you will incur additional inspection costs!

Q. I have more questions, who can I contact?

    A. Please feel free to contact us at anytime and we will be happy to answer any of your questions. Our number is above or you can email us through our contact us page.